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Mika Turner L.Ac.

Established Patients

I only see established patients (patients who have seen me in the past or currently seeing me) and new patients referred by an established patient.

I have dropped my requirements for Covid vaccination but encourage you to maintain boosters and, in general, practice community-caring behavior:

Many of my patients are at high risk for severe disease outcomes from Covid and other acute diseases and/or have family members who are immune compromised, so I continue to take not being a vector for disease transmission seriously.

I will continue to space ½ an hour between appointments to air out the treatment space and clean surfaces between clients. I will also continue to mask with an N95 during treatment.

Patients may choose whether to continue masking.

Do not come into an appointment if you are acutely ill, still symptomatic from acute illness, or if you would have symptoms without over-the-counter or prescription medicines (cough, sore throat, sneezing, vomiting, loose stools, etc.) Also, do not come in if you have had recent contact with someone symptomatic of an acute illness.

I do not charge for last-minute cancellations due to illness.

If you are sick and/or want an herbal consultation via video chat, that is an option. Herbs can be shipped to your home via two-day mail or directly picked up at Northwestern Health Sciences Herbal Dispensary in Bloomington.

If you need help with scheduling with the online system, email or text me with your name and desired appointment time.

New Patients

I am only seeing new patients who are referred to me via established clients.

If you do not have a direct referral from one my established patients please visit this resource for other local acupuncture practitioners.

New patient appointment requests without a referral from an established patient will be disregarded.