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Mika Turner L.Ac.

Current and Past Patients

I am only seeing my established patients who have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and have received a booster dose.

Complete vaccination course:

  1. Moderna or Pfizer Covid vaccinations
  2. J&J's Janssen vaccine

If you have completed an entire vaccination course + booster dose and you are an established patient of Mika Turner, you may request an appointment from my schedule below.

Please also email or text me a copy of your vaccination record or bring with you to your appointment.

If you have difficulty scheduling with the online system email or text me with your name and desired appointment time.

Masks are required at all appointments

I am traveling from November 11-19th. The clinic will be closed during this time. Feel free to use the online scheduling system to book an available appointment.

New and Unvaccinated Patients

My priority is my established patients. I will consider the addition of new patients if you are referred through one of my existing clients. New patients will be accepted on a case by case basis. Please email if you would like to discuss scheduling and are new to my practice.

For all patients, I am only seeing fully vaccinated patients who have also received a booster dose for Covid.

If you haven't seen me before for care and do not have a referral from an existing patient, or you haven't been vaccinated yet, please visit this resource for other local acupuncture practitioners.

I will begin seeing unvaccinated patients whom I have seen in the past, when we have had two consecutive weeks of zero deaths from Covid-19 in MN