White Dandelion Chinese Medicine is located at 400/402 Washington St, Northfield, MN. Entry door for the building is labeled 402.

I share office space Jasmine Pamula and Joy Feilen, two local massage practitioners.

Our office is wheelchair accessible and car parking is available in a public parking lot next to the building.  There is also street parking on the adjoining streets (4th and Washington).

We are also accessible via the Northfield Express Hiawathaland Bus Line (Nearest stop is Just Food Coop) as well as we can be reached by bicycle or foot. 


Bicycle parking is available near our front entrance. 


400 Washington St, Northfield, MN 55057

(Entry Door 402)

For scheduling an appointment use my online booking system. If you have questions not answered in the FAQ please send them to me in the contact form below.

Telephone: +1-507-222-0046   Please note I use my telephone mostly for cancellation and rescheduling requests, it is largely unmonitored except for retrieving messages, however I do check it between patient visits and during my breaks for messages. You can leave voicemail or send texts to this number.

For scheduling  this  is done through the online booking system.  If you have trouble using the scheduling system or have any questions not answered elsewhere on this site you may ask them through the contact form below.

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