White Dandelion Chinese Medicine is located at 1040 Highway 3S, Northfield, MN.  

I share office space with Cannon Pointe Chiropractic and we are in the building that also houses El Tequila restaurant.  Our building is located on the frontage road facing Hwy 3 (Bollenbacher Dr) and is between the intersections of Jefferson Pkwy (on the South) and Woodley St. (on the North). Within the complex, our office space is located in the middle of the building next to Healthy Solutions, on our left, and Ari Nails, on our right. 

Our office is wheelchair accessible and car parking is available in front of our office.  

We are also accessible via the Northfield Express Hiawathaland Bus Line (Nearest stop is the El Tequila/Culvers bus stop) as well as we can be reached by bicycle or foot via the East River pedestrian/bike path along the Cannon River.  

Bicycle parking is available next door at O-Reilly Auto Parts or you can bring your bicycle inside with you.


1040 Highway 3 S, Northfield, MN 55057

For scheduling an appointment use my online booking system. If you have questions not answered in the FAQ please send them to me in the contact form below.

Telephone: +1-507-222-0046   Please note I use my telephone mostly for cancellation and rescheduling requests, it is largely unmonitored except for retrieving messages, however I do check it between patient visits and during my breaks for messages. You can leave voicemail or send texts to this number.

For scheduling  this  is done through the online booking system.  If you have trouble using the scheduling system or have any questions not answered elsewhere on this site you may ask them through the contact form below.

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