How Much Do Treatments Cost?

The first treatment with me, including initial consultation and treatment, is $85 (treatment and consultation takes between and hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on how complicated your medical history is).  Followup treatments are $60 per visit.

I offer a discounted rate for children (0-14), seniors (65+), military and vets, and patients in treatment for cancer.   The initial discounted consultation and treatment rate is $65, and followup treatment rate is $45 per visit.

Low income patients who qualify for MNCare or Straight MA receive a rate based on their co-pay amount for their insurance, if you have no copay than your initial visit with consultation is $50, and followup treatment rate is $30.  If you have a copay it is $50 + the amount you would have for a copay, for example $53 for initial visit, and $33 for followup visits those who have a $3 copay; or $65 and $45 for those with a $15 copay.