What if I am afraid of needles?

There are some options if you are afraid of needles.  We can always try a few normal acupuncture needles and see how you tolerate the experience (acupuncture needles are much smaller and finer than needles used in Western Medicine for injections and blood draws) and I have had several needle phobic patients become fine with receiving normal acupuncture care.  However some patients are just also very sensitive and normal acupuncture needles are too much stimulation, for these patients I have a couple of different possibilities.

The first option is using Pyonex press needles, these are very tiny needles (about the size of a fine body hair) embedded in a plastic press bead and sticker, they are meant for using as a wearable take home treatment.  For most patients there is hardly any painful sensation with these needles and I use these frequently for patients who are young children, but also with some of my sensitive adults.  In my experience these still work really well, especially if a patient is very sensitive, they often don't need to more intense stimulation of regular acupuncture.

Acutone is another option, my teacher John Pirog, adapted a method of stimulating acupuncture points with tuning forks, so instead of using a needle, a selection of tuning forks are first struck and then held against the various acupuncture points chosen for treatment to stimulate the acupuncture points and associated meridians.  I have primarily used this form of treatment with children and because of their is no treatment period just resting with acupuncture needles in place, treatment time is half an hour, as I am present for the entire treatment.

Treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine is also a very good option.  Many both acute and chronic illnesses can be treated with Chinese Herbal medicine.  Herbs are prescribed based on patient's pattern presentation and then taken typically for a week at which time the patient meets with the practitioner and progress is assessed and herbs are either continued as-is or modified as necessary.